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Zip, Zap, Zop

In a circle, participants pass a Zip! noise to each other. One player can decide to say Zap! to change the direction of the sound or to say Zop! to skip the next player.

This game is perfect to make every member of the group present.

  • Group size : From 4 people.
  • Time : 10 minutes


  • Ask the participants to form a circle.
  • Start by showing: say Zip! and make a hand gesture to “give the noise” to the player on your right and give the player some hints to continue transmitting the noise.
  • After two turns in the same direction, introduce Zap! with the gesture of crossing your arms. When a player receives a Zap! on his Zip!, the sense of transmission change, he needs to pass the Zip! to the other direction.
  • After some time with Zap! and Zip!, introduce the Zop! finally: when a player says Zop!, he needs to put his two hands as if he was wearing goggles. The player next to him is skipped, and the game continues in the same direction.


As the game becomes easier for participants, ask the participants to go faster and to take more risks.

After some time, we can introduce new rules (without describing them, just by showing) and some player should repeat the same thing.


Baptiste Coulange

CTO at @cornis_SAS / socially acceptable maths nerd of @podcastscience / always improvising