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Mind meld

In a group, a first player says 1 when he thinks of a word. Then when a second player thinks he knows the word of the first player, he says 2. Finally, together they say 1,2,3 and their world. If they have the same word, it’s a Mind Meld!

An excellent warmup to put a group in the same energy.

  • Group size : From 4 people.
  • Time : 5-10 minutes


Not a lot to precise, describe the game and start it. When there is a Mind Meld, the players must dance and sing :

It’s a mind meld! It’s a mind meld! It happens all the time, it’s a mind meld!


The description of the game may sound impossible, but by playing it, improvisers discover that each new word is a cue to find the next word association.


Baptiste Coulange

CTO at @cornis_SAS / socially acceptable maths nerd of @podcastscience / always improvising