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Setember 17th, 2018 : This week around the web

Online wellbeing

Working more and more online in a distributed company, we have to share some wellbeing rules of how we use online tools that don’t seem intuitive to everyone. And I’ve never seen a written list of a lot of this culture shared by a lot of people I can meet online. I’ve created a post on DEV to try to establish a list of this rules, can you share yours?


I believe that a developer must never stop learning. But we don’t always want to be in front of a screen and we don’t always have the energy to read technical books. And believe it or not, some developers like to meet friends. This article explains why every developper should play board games and even share a list of excellent board games to start with.

This blog post from Slack share Ed. Catmull (Pixar Co-Founder) views on ego and creativity.

Sometimes, magic happens. And by magic, I mean the ego has left the room. Ed Catmull

And to finish an article talking about Ockham, Bayes and Shannon and their link with Machine Learning had to be on this list!

Machine learning

All models are wrong, some are useful. George Box

This quote is often forgotten as we love to believe in stories. This is the initial point of this interesting article. Is there a space-time universe that is influenced by planets? We actually don’t know and it’s probably not true… but describing the world with this model gives excellent result to compute what will happen on a given experiment. Not being to attached to models is a good way to be open to new ones, even if their initial asumptions are very different from the previous ones.


This article present a point of view of the advantages and disadvantages of serverless and containers. And to start with containers, this other article gives a list of 10 free courses on Docker.


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