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Setember 12th, 2018 : This week around the web

Here are some excellent articles I’ve read this week.


An interesting article on how to make animated figures with Python. Not sure of the use case but good to know.

And since we are talking about figures, another one about how to make your figure storytelling better. I also wrote an article on what informations to put in every figure captions.

Finally I discovered an awesome JS library for graphs : AnyCharts. They have all kind of graphs, heatmaps, Gandt charts, etc.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is used a lot to classify but way less for other applications. This article presents an exemple of the use of deep learning to find keypoints on flower images.

Deep Learning Studio is a visual tool to build neural networks, train them and test them.


Here is the testimony of the person who invented autocorrect on the original iPhone : “I Invented the Iphone’s autocorrect. Sorry about that, and you’re welcome”


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