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August 27th, 2018 : This week around the web

Netflix and Jupyter Notebooks

Working on data, we have sometimes very contradictory needs :

  • Being able to change views, to test new experiments very quicly
  • Follow precisely everything we do
  • Give the ability to most of people (particularly outside of tech team) to access and play with the data.

All that make our data experiments quickly a mess. Netflix presents in this article how they use Jupyter Notebook to make their work more effective. A lot of ideas from their infrastructure are very inspiring.


Coding a boardgame

I’m a board game geek and this article is a perfect encounter between board games and coding. Graham Lea present how he implemented Forbidden Island and the IA playing it and what he learned form it.

Forbidden Island

It’s very interesting to see, by the example, how hard to code a simple game can be.

Dev bad habits

This article presents some bad habits developers tend to gave and should try to avoid. As often, you take what you want from them but we can all learn something for sure!

Data visualisation

Another funny experiment. Keith McNulty has tried to use classical datascientist approach to represent the metro of London. This is a very efficient way to show how hand craft visuallisation can be needed to make a representation be effective.


Baptiste Coulange

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