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Team collaboration is hard, Improvisation training can help

Reading time : 8 min

When was the last time you left a meeting frustrated? My last time was every meeting. We are all working together on the same project, but it’s always the same : he can’t stop talking she always criticizes the new ideas and about minute details before we can even start building on it he brings topics that had nothing to do with the initial agenda she can’t stop cracking stupid jokes he doesn’t understand the big picture she is obsessed with her pointless ideas etc. ...

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The leader's feedback

Reading time : 3 min

I recently read the Guide to One to One Meetings by Claire Lew from Know Your Company. One of the best question to ask according to the guide is about manager feedback : Would you like more or less direction from me? As managers, we crave feedback from our employees but I never thought of asking this question directly. I used to ask for this kind of feedback in a team setting with retrospectives or during a one to one with more general questions like “What do you think of the Company? ...

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Humble and Demanding

Reading time : 5 min

Yesterday lunch, you were eating your usual sandwich with this fantastic ham and cheese. You were so real eating this meal. With each movement we could feel that you were enjoying it. Sometimes a simple sandwich can evoke a smile. Your co-workers around the table were not paying any particular attention to you but were unconsciously affected by you: their posture was influenced by the dirty plastic bag you left on the middle of the table and by the gestures you make when you eat. ...